Two Cats and a Monkey

Two Cats and a Monkey Story

Once upon a time two cats found a piece of cheese and cut it into two pieces. But one piece was slightly bigger than the other. Both the cats wanted the bigger piece. They started to quarrel each other for the bigger piece. A monkey sitting on the branch of the tree had watched all that happened between the two cats. “That piece of cheese looks good. I could do with it myself,” he thought. Slowly he came down from the tree and walked up to the confused cats.

“Oh, my dear friends! Can I help you?” asked the monkey. The cats told the monkey what the problem was and said, “Why do not you be the judge between us?” When the monkey nodded, the cats said, “Please divide this cheese for us sort out the matter.”

The monkey said, “Don’t worry. I’ll make both the pieces equal. Then it took a bite from the bigger piece. But this made the other piece larger. So it took a bite from the other piece. This continued till the pieces became very small.

Seeing this, the cats pleaded, “Sir! We are satisfied. Let us have the pieces now.”

The shrewd monkey replied, “This is my fee for sorting out the problem.” Saying this, it gobbled up the remaining cheese. And the monkey jumped onto the tree and was gone. “If only we had not quarreled among ourselves, we would have remained united and we need not have to go to the monkey and to become hungry now,” said the two cats. Both cats came to the home silently

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