Sometime In The Distant Past, There Was A Young Lady Named Lily. She Was Four. She Generally Attempted To Fly. She Bounced Off Of A Seat. Blast! Her Mother Kate Came Running In.

“Are You Alright?” Said Her Mother.

“Truly” Said Lily, Yet Lily Did Not Surrender. She Bounced Off Of Everything That Was Tall Yet It Got Late So She Went To Bed. That Night She Woke Up And Began To Bounce On Her Informal Lodging To Fly.

The Following Morning She Had School So She Went To Class. Her Instructor’s Name Was Ms. Rose. Her Room Was Called Room 3. She Was Learning Math. Blare!

“Gee Golly!” Said Lily. “It’s A Fire!”

She Went Outside In A Line. She Heard A Clamor. It Was Stating, “Help!” Lily Traveled To Her Classroom. It Was Luna.

“Get On” Said Lily.

She Spared Luna’s Life So When She Went Home And Disclosed To Her Mother Her Story, She Was Renowned.

She Was On TV And Luna And Lily Were Closest Companions. They Played Together A Considerable Measure.


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